Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Shine...

In my last entry I talked about the shame that keeps people from admitting they're improved beings because they're working a 12 Step program. Some of this is understandable. People in 12 Step programs are the butt of late night comedians (and most other comedians) because 12 Step recovery is still perceived as being for Skid Row bums. And even Skid Row bums look down on Skid Row bums.

Find me a family that hasn't been touched by alcoholism or some other kind of relationship destructive addiction. Find me one and I'll eat these words. I've worked with people in therapy who swore there was no alcoholism or addiction in their family trees. As they went back in memory they pulled up stories about Grandpa's or Grandma's drinking. Of, if they began asking questions about the family history, they found out that Mommy's tranquillizers or Daddy's daily martinis actually did cause emotional problems for their family. They just never thought that those daily drinks or the constant use of Valium was alcoholism or addiction. Dad always went to work and Mom got those pills from the doctor so how could there be anything wrong.

There are many great writers in recovery from all kinds of addictions who can passionately bring to life stories of recovery that will fascinate the bulk of humanity. And for those who aren't inclined to massive writing projects, blog responses that tell the wonders of their recovery will add to the positive energy field we need around 12 Step Recovery programs. I sincerely believe that the Internet can bring those of us who totally love and are grateful to our recovery programs together to gently and artistically present a new, beautiful, profoundly powerful face to 12 Step recovery.

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  1. As I have progessed though Recovery, I have seen the negative & positive multi-generational effect on me, my brother, relatives, and so on. The spiritual, therapudic result of my 'working' the 12 Steps has brought me a freedom of thought and action, I could not have imagined. I have now realized that as Recovering individuals, we will fulfill our role of not only being decendents, but as ancestors! What a wonderful concept! Thank you, Linda for this blog and your work.