Friday, February 19, 2010

A 12 Step Novel To Make You Feel Proud

Are you sick of seeing unreal snippits of people in 12 Step meetings in movies, books and TV dramas? You know, where the rooms are filled with people who look like they left a grocery cart of belongings outside the door. Or the person going to the meetings relapses and never makes it.

Years ago, a colleague suggested I write a 12 Step novel that would explain what I've discovered in recovery from alcoholism and addiction to legally prescribed tranquilizers. I'm a recovering broadcast journalist, too, and now I'm a licensed mental health counselor, so writing a novel wasn't a far-fetched idea. Materials for a novel are everywhere in my life. I have rich, wonderful personal experiences as well as joyous observations of others as they learn and grow in recovery. Anonymity is perfectly possible because every character in my novel is a composite of dozens of people I've met through my lifetime, as well as through my twenty-eight years in four different 12 Step programs.

The American Psychological Association says that the 12 Steps work well for recovery from dozens and dozens of human dysfunctions. It seems like the time is right for a novel that really shows what healthy 12 Step recovery is about. If you're interested, the novel is available everywhere. Those who've already read it are asking for the sequel. I'm working on it and know that I don't have ten years to get it done.

It's time for a much more positive look at 12 Step recovery.

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